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Blau Colònia Sant Jordi - Majorca -
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Get that holiday feeling

The cuisine you want during your holiday with the best atmosphere and an unbeatable location. This is the restaurant service offered at the blau colònia sant jordi, with delicacies made in Mallorca, traditional recipes, Mediterranean flavours and a sprinkling of innovation. Enjoy gastronomy prepared for all tastes thanks to its wide gastronomic offering with plenty of options for everyone at any time of the day.


If you love spending time in and around the pool, then we suggest ordering something from our pool bar, you won’t even have to move from the pool!


Unwind in this quiet and chic spot. You can also enjoy live piano music here.


Located by the pool, our pizzeria offers a vast array of snacks, pizza, pasta, salads, meat, fish and dessert during every mealtime. You can dine either indoors or on the outdoor terrace of the Snack & Bar Pizzeria.


Enjoy all your meals in our delicious buffet restaurant. Here, you can try the best of local and international cuisine with show cooking and at the pasta, salad, dessert (and many more) stations…